The Girly Thanksgiving Outfit

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If you’re the type of girl who loves to dress up wherever you go, you’re probably looking for something cute and feminine to wear this Thanksgiving. Tulle skirts are perfect for any holiday and Thanksgiving is no exception! Dress up your favorite tutu with a classic pair of heels and a matching clutch. Since the skirt says so much on its own, wear classic jewelry as final touch to bring the outfit all together, and with these simple steps, you’ve created a look that is guaranteed to draw attention.

Fall and Fur

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With fall comes fur, and with fur comes warmth. Bundle up in your favorite fur accessory to stay warm this fall while at the same time looking like a true fashionista! Darker colors make you look skinnier, specially around the holiday seasons when we put on those extra pounds. Be bold and trendy with a pair of skinny ripped jeans and some studded boots to go with the rough look. A silk blouse helps with keeping it classy. The perfect handbag is always a must to give you the perfect signature look!

The Bohemian Chic Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is finally here and we have the perfect outfits for the bohemian chic fashionista! The holidays are filled with family gatherings and parties with friends, and these events require you to look as effortlessly stylish as possible . The good news is you can go as dressy or casual as you want! The first outfit is casual and cute without having to add a lot of accessories. Corduroys are so popular in the fall, and you can pair them with a cute shirt and a hat to give it a fun vintage vibe. This outfit is also perfect for Friendsgiving! The second outfit is comfortable and adorable. It’s a straight tunic dress that can be worn with over the knee boots and a festive headband that is  perfect festive for any fashionista who wants to make a statement at the table. The third outfit is exciting and classy presence without being too fancy, and it is perfect great for day or night. It also plays with mixed prints, which looks good for any occasion. Let this Thanksgiving be filled with, thankful hearts, good food, good friends, and an amazing outfit!

Making a Fall Statement!

An instant way to take a simple outfit from plain to platinum is with the right statement piece. Fall provides the perfect opportunities to take advantage of the statement necklace trend by matching a simple dress or a sweater and jeans with an accessory that will catch everyone’s attention.

A simple, thick, gold piece is a good place to start and can match with nearly every outfit. It is simple but elegant, and it will always add a touch of class to your ensemble. Whether it be a sweater with a mock turtle neck or a classic LBD for a party, the gold statement piece is always a winner. For a casual outfit, something light and fun will bring some brightness to your day. Choose something with a floral design and light colors, such as pinks, whites, and light blues, and pair it with a simple white button-up for work or a dark colored t-shirt blouse for a day with the girls. If you’re feeling artsy, an art-deco piece is always easy to find and fun to match with everything from casual to formal outfits.

If you’re feeling more bold and your neck can bear the weight, extravagant statement pieces are an instant show stopper. For an everyday outfit that needs a little spice, look for a statement piece that has some straight lines and edges to add a little attitude. Underneath a leather jacket or over a basic white tee, this piece can offer you eye-catching pizazz. Red, multi-tiered pieces can also dress up your outfit even further. The color is bold and hard to miss, and it is a sure way to grab attention on a night out. If you’re attending a formal event that calls for extravagance, a crystal or diamond piece will give you the touch of class you need. Against a solid colored dress, this necklace will stand out starkly and brightly and will set you up as a trendy fashionista for the night. Be bold and confident and dress well!

Fall Statement Necklaces

Winter Fashion for a Feminine Figure

An important part of winter fashion is making sure that the colder weather isn’t forcing you to disguise your feminine figure underneath a mountain of clothes. Whether you’re running around town doing errands or having an afternoon bite with friends, a fashionable winter casual outfit will help you get through the day in style.

For nearly every winter occasion, dresses with a boat neck or 3/4 length sleeves are the perfect way to go. Don’t be afraid to show off your figure with a dress that falls thigh-length or to your knees. A dress that also falls straight on your legs will allow your figure to appear longer and leaner. If you want to be a little flirtatious, choose a dress that will expose some of your back.

To a feminine figure, satin, cashmere, and denim will be the most flattering and also help keep in the warmth during the chilly winter days. Red, orange, green, grey, and brown will correspond with the seasonal trends. Complete this look with a stylish pair of flats, tights, a trendy scarf, and a fun clutch. Dress well!


Winter fashion for feminine figure!


Stepping Out

Boots and Booties

A big part of the perfect Fall outfit is footwear. Boots and booties have taken over as the go-to way to complete a look. Both can be worn on a casual day or a dressy night, it is truly up to you. Booties are effortless and chic, while over the knee boots give off a sexy vibe. Switching between different styles of these footwear staples can change up even the simplest of looks.