How to Survive a Warmer Christmas

With the recent winter temperatures falling on the warmer side, it can be a little confusing to fumble through your closet for the perfect outfit that is trendy and won’t cause you to overheat. Keep your outfit simple and the pieces light.

If the weather in your area is still somewhat cool, choose a simple blouse and pants pair to avoid too many layers. White pants are simple and clean, and a long sleeved, jewel toned blouse will provide a pop of fun, vibrant color. Add a long necklace and a pair of black booties to tie the look together.

For a more formal winter party, a black jumpsuit is the perfect way to go. It keeps your clothing light and your look classy and elegant. A pair of red pumps will add a splash of color, and some gold accessories will round out the outfit.

If you’re experiencing a Texas winter, the weather may allow you to wear far less clothing. A simple white romper is a good place to begin, as it allows for a touch of elegance and will keep you cool in the subtle heat. Pair the romper with a light kimono of dark colors to make your outfit more dynamic and simple pair of wedges or flats. Dress well and Merry Christmas!

Outfits for a Warmer Christmas

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