Business Casual Friday

As the end of the week approaches and your exhaustion begins to catch up with you, it gets increasingly harder to slip on a pair of heels and a dress every morning for work. But taking a business casual approach to Fridays can make that last day of work so much more enjoyable!

To stay in trend with the upcoming spring season, look for a blouse with shoulder length or short sleeves. Something light blue and airy would be perfect to stay in line with seasonal trends! If you want your frame to appear slightly more petite, try to find a blouse that’s hip length to take emphasis off your shoulders. Keep it comfortable with a pair of dark skinny jeans and nude flats. Finish off your look with a simple gold necklace and matching gold bracelet, and you can approach your last work day before the weekend in style! Dress well!


Black and White and Leather

There’s nothing that says simple and chic like black and white, and nothing says edgy like a little bit of leather. Give your simple black and white outfit an attitude makeover with your favorite leather accents!

Leather leggings are always a fun place to start when constructing an outfit. They’re simple and sleek (and maybe a little difficult to put on), and we love them! Grab a pair of black leather leggings, plain or textured, and pair them with a comfy white sweater, something to keep you warm in this chilly weather. Add some sophistication with a pair of strappy black heels, or, if you want to keep things more comfortable, a set of black flats. Add a pop of color with a fun statement necklace and some nice gold studs. Throw your hair up into a sleek bun, paint on some dark red lipstick, and you have an outfit that’s sleek, edgy, and classy all at once!

For something a little more casual, try a black leather jacket instead. Match it with a pair of your favorite distressed jeans and that perfect white t-shirt we’re always on the lookout for. With a pair of pink studs and a simple short necklace, you add a subtle bit of color and some softness to your edgy outfit. To dress this outfit up a bit, jump into a pair of classic black booties. To stay more relaxed, slip into a comfy pair of converse. Either way you choose to go, you’ll be rockin’ some fabulous attitude. A bit of soft pink lipstick will tie everything together, and you’re ready to rock some trendy street style. Dress well!



How to Survive a Warmer Christmas

With the recent winter temperatures falling on the warmer side, it can be a little confusing to fumble through your closet for the perfect outfit that is trendy and won’t cause you to overheat. Keep your outfit simple and the pieces light.

If the weather in your area is still somewhat cool, choose a simple blouse and pants pair to avoid too many layers. White pants are simple and clean, and a long sleeved, jewel toned blouse will provide a pop of fun, vibrant color. Add a long necklace and a pair of black booties to tie the look together.

For a more formal winter party, a black jumpsuit is the perfect way to go. It keeps your clothing light and your look classy and elegant. A pair of red pumps will add a splash of color, and some gold accessories will round out the outfit.

If you’re experiencing a Texas winter, the weather may allow you to wear far less clothing. A simple white romper is a good place to begin, as it allows for a touch of elegance and will keep you cool in the subtle heat. Pair the romper with a light kimono of dark colors to make your outfit more dynamic and simple pair of wedges or flats. Dress well and Merry Christmas!

Outfits for a Warmer Christmas

Find Guide2Style on Polyvore for more outfit inspiration!

A Bold and Simple Christmas

The Christmas season offers an abundance of opportunities for a fashionable entrance. Go bold and simple for a dressy Christmas Eve or Christmas party with some easy to find pieces. Go for a basic white dress that has a figure flattering shape, such as one that will flair over the hips and fall to the knees. Next, add a brilliant pop of color with a deep burgundy coat that will add a bit of sophistication to your look. Keep your heels or flats a basic black or even look for a pair with some unique texture and design. Finally, add a splash of gold to your ensemble with a statement necklace and a pair of gold studs. Some classy makeup, the perfect updo, and a matching clutch and you’re ready to rock the holidays! Dress well!

A Bold and Simple Christmas

Making a Fall Statement!

An instant way to take a simple outfit from plain to platinum is with the right statement piece. Fall provides the perfect opportunities to take advantage of the statement necklace trend by matching a simple dress or a sweater and jeans with an accessory that will catch everyone’s attention.

A simple, thick, gold piece is a good place to start and can match with nearly every outfit. It is simple but elegant, and it will always add a touch of class to your ensemble. Whether it be a sweater with a mock turtle neck or a classic LBD for a party, the gold statement piece is always a winner. For a casual outfit, something light and fun will bring some brightness to your day. Choose something with a floral design and light colors, such as pinks, whites, and light blues, and pair it with a simple white button-up for work or a dark colored t-shirt blouse for a day with the girls. If you’re feeling artsy, an art-deco piece is always easy to find and fun to match with everything from casual to formal outfits.

If you’re feeling more bold and your neck can bear the weight, extravagant statement pieces are an instant show stopper. For an everyday outfit that needs a little spice, look for a statement piece that has some straight lines and edges to add a little attitude. Underneath a leather jacket or over a basic white tee, this piece can offer you eye-catching pizazz. Red, multi-tiered pieces can also dress up your outfit even further. The color is bold and hard to miss, and it is a sure way to grab attention on a night out. If you’re attending a formal event that calls for extravagance, a crystal or diamond piece will give you the touch of class you need. Against a solid colored dress, this necklace will stand out starkly and brightly and will set you up as a trendy fashionista for the night. Be bold and confident and dress well!

Fall Statement Necklaces

Winter Fashion for a Feminine Figure

An important part of winter fashion is making sure that the colder weather isn’t forcing you to disguise your feminine figure underneath a mountain of clothes. Whether you’re running around town doing errands or having an afternoon bite with friends, a fashionable winter casual outfit will help you get through the day in style.

For nearly every winter occasion, dresses with a boat neck or 3/4 length sleeves are the perfect way to go. Don’t be afraid to show off your figure with a dress that falls thigh-length or to your knees. A dress that also falls straight on your legs will allow your figure to appear longer and leaner. If you want to be a little flirtatious, choose a dress that will expose some of your back.

To a feminine figure, satin, cashmere, and denim will be the most flattering and also help keep in the warmth during the chilly winter days. Red, orange, green, grey, and brown will correspond with the seasonal trends. Complete this look with a stylish pair of flats, tights, a trendy scarf, and a fun clutch. Dress well!


Winter fashion for feminine figure!


Make a Statement for a Fall Wedding

Be bold and beautiful for a fall wedding with bright, eye-catching colors. A wedding is the perfect opportunity for you to make a grand fashion entrance with a dress that is bold and elegant. Red is one of the many seasonal colors of fall and it is the perfect color to make you stand out in a crowd of other fashionably dressed wedding attendees. Keep it knee to calf-length to stay classy and conservative but fun and flirty. A dress that flares out at the waist also gives the illusion of symmetry between your upper and lower body, so, if you’re a little top heavy, this is the perfect shape for you! Materials such as satin, lace, and silk will add a greater touch of elegance to the look. Finish it up with a set of gold studs, a gold bracelet, and a gold clutch for that pop of extra color. A pair of nude heels will match perfectly with your gold accents and also give extra length to your legs. Grab a few tissues in case of happy tears and enjoy a night of celebration and fun!

Fall Wedding


DIY Breakfast at Tiffany’s Costume

Everyone knows Audrey Hepburn’s famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s black ensemble. It oozed effortless class and elegance and was a great reminder of just how stylish black could be. It also makes for a quick and fashionable last minute DIY costume for Halloween.

Start with a simple black dress, something every women could use in their closet for several repeat performances. A dress that is straight or form fitting would highlight the feminine silhouette of your body. Next, find a pair of simple black gloves for that touch of classy elegance. Then, slip on a pair of black heels to emphasize your legs or black flats if you want to remain more comfortable.

For accessories, look for a short, layered pearl necklace to rest high on your chest. A classy and sleek cigarette holder is a characteristic part of the costume. Finally, put your hair up into a simple updo and slip on a tiara comb for the final touch. If you’re going to a day party, you could also use a pair of oversized black sunglasses for a more detailed look. A sassy little smile, and you’ve got instant classiness for Halloween!

Breakfast at Tiffany's Costume

An Edgy Fall Date Night

A great way to make a lasting impression on a fall date night is to add a little edge to your look and let your personality shine through. A perfect way to go about this is with a simple pant, jacket, and top combo.

Black leather is a great way to add some instant attitude to any look, so go for a stylish, black leather jacket that isn’t too heavy and won’t cause you to overheat in the nice weather. Underneath, choose a crop top that will allow you to show a little midriff and throw in some sex appeal to spice up your date. Though there are many seasonal colors for fall, grey is one of the most popular, so a grey top would be a trendy way to stay in season.

For the pants, choose a straight legged jean. The straight legs will accentuate your silhouette and give your figure the illusion of more height. Jeans with some distressed accents will contribute to the edgy vibe and also add an element of casualness. Finish off the look with a pair of simple black heels and a red clutch to add a pop of color to your ensemble, and you will be ready to rock a fall date night!

Edgy date night