The Sequined Christmas

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Everything else will be bright and shiny this season, why should you be an exception? The holidays are the perfect excuse to wear daring and beautiful sequined pieces. You can be as dressy or casual as you choose, but there’s nothing better than enjoying the holidays with a cute outfit that makes you feel good and puts a smile on everyone else’s face. If sequined outfits are a bit out of your comfort zone, this is the perfect time to try them out. You can go as simple as a jeweled sweater or as bold as a completely sequined dress. As long as you love what you wear, those around you will love it too, so while your decorating the tree this year, don’t forget to add some glamour to your ensemble!

The Girly Thanksgiving Outfit

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If you’re the type of girl who loves to dress up wherever you go, you’re probably looking for something cute and feminine to wear this Thanksgiving. Tulle skirts are perfect for any holiday and Thanksgiving is no exception! Dress up your favorite tutu with a classic pair of heels and a matching clutch. Since the skirt says so much on its own, wear classic jewelry as final touch to bring the outfit all together, and with these simple steps, you’ve created a look that is guaranteed to draw attention.

The Bohemian Chic Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is finally here and we have the perfect outfits for the bohemian chic fashionista! The holidays are filled with family gatherings and parties with friends, and these events require you to look as effortlessly stylish as possible . The good news is you can go as dressy or casual as you want! The first outfit is casual and cute without having to add a lot of accessories. Corduroys are so popular in the fall, and you can pair them with a cute shirt and a hat to give it a fun vintage vibe. This outfit is also perfect for Friendsgiving! The second outfit is comfortable and adorable. It’s a straight tunic dress that can be worn with over the knee boots and a festive headband that is  perfect festive for any fashionista who wants to make a statement at the table. The third outfit is exciting and classy presence without being too fancy, and it is perfect great for day or night. It also plays with mixed prints, which looks good for any occasion. Let this Thanksgiving be filled with, thankful hearts, good food, good friends, and an amazing outfit!

Menswear for Women

One of my favorite fall trends is the menswear trend.  It is classically perfect for any occasion and every girl can easily pull it off!


The best way to wear any menswear is to accessorize it with pieces that are more girly. For example, the girl above is wearing a suit, yet the things that stand out about her outfit are her make up, wedges, and clutch purse. These are simple additions that can transform a masculine look into something strong,feminine, and confident that commands attention. The best thing about menswear is that you don’t have to go all the way. You can still glam it up! Another great benefit of buying a really nice fitting suit is all of the outfits you can make from it. You can play with your accessories, or separate the jacket and pants and add them to other outfits in your closet.


No fashionistas closet is complete without a good pair of oxfords. They are the perfect alternative to heels,and they look great with any outfit. Try wearing them with one of your cute skirts or your favorite cuffed pants. Oxfords can be the highlight of any ensemble when worn with clothes that allows them to be showcased.

menswear3Don’t be afraid to wear a tie! It may seem strange at first, but when done correctly, a tie can create a flawlessly stylish appearance. Just make sure to follow the menswear rules and accessorize the rest of your outfit with more feminine pieces.

The 70s Are Back !

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The 70s have made a triumphant return, and we are welcoming them back with open arms.This fall is almost a complete revival of  one of the most trendsetting decades. Of course, we don’t want you to miss out on this style movement, so here are a few tips to add one or all of these styles into your fall wardrobe.

1.Wide leg pants can be scary if you’ve never worn them before, but they are perfect for any woman who wants to be cute and comfortable. The key to pulling them off right is by wearing them with a tucked in loose fitting shirt. This shows off the beauty in the way the pants are tailored, while showing off your gorgeous figure!

2. My favorite part of this season is fringe! I believe fringe is magical because it has the power to make a simple outfit look like it belongs in a fashion magazine. Fringe is the perfect statement piece, but it must be worn wisely. Without overdoing it, add fringe to your favorite everyday outfit and watch it transform!

3.The suede skirt is becoming this season’s most popular piece. It comes in many colors and styles, and it can easily be dressed up or down. For example. if your suede skirt is solid, you can pair it with a patterned shirt,and this same outfit can be worn to any event, from shopping to date night, with a simple adjustment in your shoes and accessories.

4.The floppy hat is timeless and adorable. It is the easiest piece to add to any fashionistas closet. It can single handedly save you from a bad hair day, but it can also add a vintage vibe to any of your favorite outfits. The floppy hat is the perfect finishing piece any of the trends seen above, and it is the most versatile of all the trends we adopted from the seventies.

All of these pieces are a great way to step out of your fashion comfort zone. I hope you’ll add at least one to your closet this Fall.

Runway Style on an Everyday Girl’s Budget

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Original                  Inspired by the Original

skirt – $450               skirt- $50(topshop)

Shirt- $375                 shirt- $60(

jacket – $740              jacket- $130(

boots $1035               boots- $166(

Do you have runway style dreams with an everyday girl’s budget?  Don’t be discouraged! With a little help, we can all look as chic and fresh as the latest runway looks. The example above is a look from Isabel Marant’s Fall 2015 show. When looking at price tags, this look may seem unattainable, but it’s actually a simple look with affordable pieces that most of us can find in our own closets. Though Labor Day has come and gone, it is no longer a marker for when white can be worn. White can look good in any season,but for Fall and Winter, the key is to mix it with darker and warmer colors and fabrics.  For example, you may have a cute white skirt from Spring or Summer that can beautifully paired with boots and a jacket. This Isabel Marant outfit retails for  $2600, but, if you have absolutely nothing remotely similar to the pieces above in your own closet, you can purchase the outfit inspired by her look for $406, which is less than a fourth of the original cost. Another great quality about the look is that all of these pieces can be mixed and worn again with other items in your closet, so you’re not paying paying for an outfit that you’ll only wear once. These can easily become staples in your Fall and Winter wardrobe, proving that you don’t have to break the bank to always look your best.

The Bohemian Date Night Makeover


           Date night can be stressful enough without the added pressure of figuring out what to wear. Why not lift a large portion off of your already heavy plate and allow Guide2Style to dress you for that special night? My friend Desiree decided to take full advantage of the wonderful advice we offer on our site.

After completing a personal profile, she searched her closet for clothes that mirrored the wonderful options that were generated specifically for her. Having a Bohemian personal style, the site recommended that she wear a stylish straight dress that included rich and dark tones of colors, such as black, pink, red, orange, green, and grey. These colors were also suggested for their wonderful ability to create symmetry throughout the body by hiding flaws in its lower section. It was also recommended that she try different patterns and prints, and as she played around in her own closet, she found that the site’s advice helped her find the perfect dress. With the help of Guide2Style, Desiree was able to enjoy her night in a vibrant outfit that made her feel beautiful and confident.

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The Fall Blazer


blazer 1blazer 2 blazer 3

This Fall will bring about the triumphant return of some of our favorite pieces of fashion, and no wardrobe will be complete without the perfect blazer. Though we’ll be enjoying cooler weather, most of us will be met with the challenge of wearing more clothes than we did in the summer yet less than we would in the winter. Being chic, classic, and the perfect transition into cooler weather, blazers are the perfect staple piece for the Fall.

Though they are popularly worn all year for work and special occasions, the style, prints, textures and patterns of Fall blazers add to an outfit in a whole new and exciting way. They offer options such as color blocking, pattern mixing, and a variety of lengths and fits. Amongst their many beneficial qualities, blazers are also one of the most versatile pieces in a fashionista’s closet. They can add a dressier appearance to anything from slacks to jeans, and they pair beautifully with all Fall essentials.

While planning your fall ensembles, continue to include your cute boots, jeans, hats, and scarves, but don’t forget to top it all off with a blazer that is sure to grab everyone’s attention.